Temporary Fence and Special Purpose Welders
There are several variations of this machine, from the most basic machines which produce the welded outer frame to fully automated lines which can produce a finished fence panel, every 35 seconds.
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Tool Monitoring Systems
Lamba’s tool monitoring systems are used on pressed up to 400 p.p.m for the protection of press tools
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Grating Welder
This machine had been custom designed with close collaboration of a major grating manufacturer,and as such is one of the most technically advanced and user friendly machines in production,it has the ability to be changed from one product to another very quickly,with the minimum of down time.
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Friction Saw
Lamba’s newest acquisition is their Friction Saws after purchasing all the manufacturing rights and intellectual property from M and M Webb Saws, who are a long established company with over 100 saws operating around the world.
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SG Microwelder
Standard models 1 & 2 can be fitted with with an electric lamp to assist the operator, which automatically comes on when the machine is connected to the electrical supply.

The Microwelder is fitted with a wire cutter to ensure the wire ends are square.

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EH Microwelder
The Microwelder is supplied mounted on a wheeled trolley for ease of portability. With foot operated pedals to open or close the clamping/jaws separately or together, thus leaving both hands free to set the ends of the wire to be welded.
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Refurbishment and Spare Parts
We specialise in the refurbishment of used machinery to suit our customers’ requirements. We also offer a very comprehensive spare parts service for all major wire mesh machine manufacturers, with many now obsolete parts kept in stock at our premises.
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Second Hand / Refurbished Machinery
Click here to see our current stock of pre-owned refurbished machines, all supplied with a 6 month warranty
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